The Value of Software


To be frank, the value of software is zero, until it gets used in a way that changes a behaviour in a good way. Before that there’s only costs. A lot of the time we miss this fundamental idea and we focus too much on the output. We think that all that matters is the next delivery, the next set of features or that great new platform that is going to save us a ton of money. The truth is, if we don’t attend to the user’s experience using the products, the chance is quite small that it will be of any value at all. Most likely it’s a sinking ship that just will make things worse. Some may argue that the value occurs when the customers pay for it, and in a way that is true. But what is your business model if you most of the time sell and maintain software that nobody actually needs or wants and doesn’t make a difference for the business? And if you work within the public sector, you have a huge responsibility to assure that all that tax money actually generates value and not just software.

User experience needs to be addressed in a much higher degree in our digitally accelerating world and I really can’t stress this enough.

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